Monday, October 01, 2012

Shiori's 7th celebration

In Japan, we have celebrate the occasion of your kids turning 3, and your boy turning 5 and your girl turning 7.  This is called Hichi Go San, and literally meaning seven, five, three.

Since Shiori turned 7 this year, we've been wanting to dress her up in a traditional kimono but realizing that her old one (which she wore when she turned 3) was too old.. My mother kindly sent us my sister's old Kimono together with the entire set of hair piece, socks and shoes.

On beautiful Sunday afternoon, we dressed Shiori up, invited few of our friends and had a simple but very nice celebration of her turning 7.

Here are some photos from the occasion, we took some picture of her with cherry blossoms in our backyard too so hopefully I can post those also.


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